It is unfair to tar everyone with the same brush.

Given that Skoda / VW are not open in disclosing this “normal operation” to the buying public it is entirely possible that they have chosen to withhold it from their dealerships.

As such, a dealer would be selling DSG equipped VAG vehicles “in good faith” that they are safe to operate in normal driving conditions and that they won’t pose a threat to themselves or other road users.

Additionally, if one of their customers did have similar issues with their vehicles they may abide by their consumer law obligations and repair / replace / refund so that the customer and travelling public are not placed in potentially hazardous situations because their vehicle is operating “within manufacturers specifications”.

Thus, other VAG dealerships could only really be criticised if they:

            o Know about the hazardous operation and continue to sell VAG vehicles. and / or

            o Know about the operation and refuse to abide by their consumer law obligations.

As we have seen, Wippells Auto’s Toowoomba ticks both of these scenarios.